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Buyer Info

Viewing and inquiring about properties for sale is a breeze with RequestViewing.com

Everything you need to know and do to purchase your next residential and/or commercial property is available on the site, in user-friendly platform.

HERE are a few suggestions for you to follow:


You must first establish from a financial institute (Bank or Mortgage Broker) the amount of mortgage you are able to qualify for and the down payment you will be required to provide to make a purchase possible.

If everything is okay – with this financial information in hand, you are ready to look at the current property market to find out what is available for sale.

Decide what you want for your property:

Location is key to valuable real estate. People with experience will tell you that “Location” should be a top priority and you would be wise to keep this in mind when making your purchase. The end result can be more money in your pocket! Public facilities such as schools, convenience shopping malls, parks and major traffic thoroughfares will affect the buying and selling of the property – both now and in the future. The same can be said for negative or unwelcome community venues.

If you are in the market for commercial property and/or business location is of utmost important. You could be living anywhere but commercial property location is directly associated with your business revenue. So do your homework!

If you are in the market for residential property, decide what Style of Home is best for you. For example, you can choose from Bungalows, Bi-Levels, multi -Split Level or Two Stories, with or without garage(s).

Make note of everything that you consider Essential. For example, square footage of the property might be of importance to you. Make note of your priorities and narrow down your search based on your list.

Start looking for your property:

If you are using a real-estate agent, they will provide you with list of available properties on the market, that they believe would be suitable to your needs.

If you do not have an agent, search the web for properties that are available for sale. You should also drive around sites where you would like to locate and note any “For Sale Signs” that may not be advertised elsewhere. This step will take some time but will prove beneficial in the long run. Stay in tune with the market and be the first to know when new properties get posted

Use the mortgage calculator on our ads to compare your available fund with the funds that will be required to purchase the property that is being advertised.

Remember to record all pertinent information on any property of interest. Things like the square footage, lot size, current taxes, condition of items such as shingles, furnace, hot water heater, etc. Have any of them been replaced recently? Are there any outstanding features? All of these things have value and are important when making your final decision.

View potential properties:

Contact private sellers or the real-estate agents and ask to view the chosen properties at a convenient time for both of you.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for you to establish a friendly relationship with the agents or property owner. Be respectful. If you have any questions or request further clarification do so with respect and consideration. In so doing, this will be a strong factor should you decide to negotiate a satisfactory sale price down the road.

Make sure you understand clearly what “IS” or “IS NOT” included in the transaction! During the viewing inquire about what is included in the transaction.
Once you viewed several suitable properties, you should be able to narrow your list down to one or two properties. Revisit those properties for another thorough inspection before making your final choice.

Making the offer to purchase:

Once you chose a property then you are prepared to make an Offer.

You can obtain the “Offer to Purchase” form in various ways. Make sure the document is suitable for your needs and it pertains to the laws and regulations of the Province where the property is located and is being sold in. Here are a few ways you can obtain these documents:

Make sure to make your offer subject to “Financing”. You might consider adding subject to a “Professional Property Inspection” – This inspection would be a cost to you, but a necessary expense that would ensure there are no surprises when you take possession.

List all items that you wish to obtain from the transaction. If it is not in writing it might be removed prior to you taking position of the property. For example, if you wish the property to come with the chandlers or the hot tub, make a note of it in the offer.

You should allow the owner about 24 hours to either accept or return to you with a counter offer. At this time be prepared to negotiate back and forth until such time as you reach an agreement.

Limit the sharing of your personal information, between you and the seller, as much as possible. Only provide information that is required on the “Offer to Purchase” form. For example, there is no need for either party’s ID, or SIN number at this stage of the transaction. Other personal information maybe required to finalize the transaction, which can be presented to the lawyer at the time the purchase is being finalized.

Finalize the Purchase:

Once an Agreement has been reached/ signed by you and the seller, then do the following to finalize the sale:

Financing. Take the signed Agreement to your Financial Institution or Mortgage Broker to finalize the mortgage you require. At this stage they will supply “a letter of approval”, which needs to be forwarded to your lawyer.

Inspect the property: Once you have your mortgage approval, it is time for your property inspection. If your offer was subject to a Professional Property Inspection you must contact one at this point. A Professional Property Inspection will be at your cost however, their service will ensure there are no surprises when you take possession.

Finalize the purchase with your lawyer. Once a final agreement has been reached all documentation is ready to go to a lawyer (the signed Offer to Purchase agreement, the Mortgage Approval, and the Professional Property Inspection). It is well to remember that usually by using one lawyer for both buyer and seller, the legal fees can be less costly. If both parties use the same lawyer, ensure that the lawyer is working in the best interest of both parties. The lawyer will then be responsible for the necessary legal procedures to complete the sale transaction suitably. Here is list of lawyers that could help you with your transaction …

Congratulations, on purchasing your property!

We hope RequestViewing.com proved helpful in finding  your next “property of your dreams”.  We wish you Good Luck – and we hope you enjoy your new home or your business adventure.

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