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Welcome to RequestViewing.cm site. We hope our site can assist you in finding your
ideal space. Below you will find useful information regarding how to find your rental
property and suggestions on how to approach each stage of the transaction.

Why use RequestViewing.com to search for your next rental property?

  • To access large pool of rental properties, available on the market, free of charge
  • Option to filter ads; to save you time and energy. Only see the ads that are based on your preference
  • Ability to save your favourite rental posts, and contact the landlord/ property agents directly on the site.
  • Property rental blogs with up-to-day insight and useful information for residential and commercial tenants
  • Access to legal forms to make your rental agreement legal and binding
  • Access to the list of trusted professionals in your local area, for all your rental needs (carpet cleaners, movers, storage companies, …)

Tenant’s Guide:

Below you will find step-by-step guidance on how to rent a property and other useful information.

Make a list

Before you start to search for rental property find out what you really need.

  • Set a realistic rental budget
    • Count for utility fees, occupancy fees, and rental insurance when setting your rental budget
  • What does the property has to offer you? For example; does your property have to be …
    • Close to any school
    • Walking distance to a bus stops or Walking distance to your place of work
    • Have a parking spot(s)
    • Do you get any outside maintenance with your fee
    • Are utilities included or separate fee
    • Number of bedrooms
    • Pet friendly
    • What Terms and Conditions are you ok with
      • For example your landlord might not allow smoking in the house.
    • The duration of rental your prepared to sign off on
      • Date you must occupy the new place and the duration your looking for to stay in the property

Search for your rental property

Once you know exactly what kind of property you’re looking for, start to search online to see what is available on the market for rent.

Once you find property post(s) that interest you, inform the landlord/ rental agent that you would like to view the property for further consideration; set up a time for viewing.

Viewing rental properties

View the property in person. Do a walk-through inspection of the property so there are no surprises once you take position. Do a visual inspection. If the property seems to be to your liking, ask the rental agent if it would be ok to do further inspection of the property. If your request is granted, do inspect the property’s …

  • Doors and windows. Make sure they open and close properly.
  • Make sure floorings are in good condition
  • Locate heather/ air conditioner unit, water boiler, electric outlets, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors or any system installed in the rental property. Make sure they are in good working condition
  • Do thorough check of Bathrooms. (open and close the tabs, check for leaks or mold under the vanity, make sure there are no leaks from any faucets, shower door slides properly, toilet is working fine, …)
  • Do thorough check of the Kitchen (fridge, dishwasher, sink drainage, check for leaks or mold under the vanity, clean cabinets, …)
  • Make sure the washing machine and dryers are in working condition.

If you have questions, be sure to ask them. If the property needs any sort of upgrade, discuss it with the landlord/ rental agent and make note of it; this will come handy if you are choosing among different properties. If you settle on renting a property, make note of the damages and any promised upgrades on the rental agreement.

Proposal to rent the property

Once you find the property of your liking, here are suggestions on how to propose to rent it from the rental agent.

Upon requesting to be considered to rent a property, the rental agent might ask for the following information to ensure they are getting reliable renters, who takes care of the property and pays the dues on time.

It is wise for you to prepare the following documents a head of time:

  • A letter of employment
    • The letter must indicate the name of the Company you are working for, when was the start of your employment, number of hours you work per week, your status of employment (ex:permanent employment, part time, causal…), your hourly wage/ salary, and the contact information of your manager.
  • Rental history: 2-3 previous addresses, names and contact information for previous landlords or property managements In certain cases the landlord might ask for your credit score
  • It is also wise to have 2-3 additional references attesting to your good character (co-workers, previous neighbours …)

Steps for taking position of a rental property

If the landlord/ rental agent wishes to go forward with renting the property to you, request for the agreement to be in writing. Legal forms are available on our site or on Google search engine that makes the agreement binding.

The agreement should have notes regarding any existing damages, approved modifications, or promised repairs. Each page of the agreement should be initialled, and the last page needs to be signed and dated by both parties

Understand the rental agreement. If you have any question or require clarification ask the landlord about it. Double check the agreement …

  • Is the rent and maintenance fee correct on the agreement
  • What is indicated as the duration of the rental on the agreement
  • Who/ what are allowed on the property (ex: number of visitors, pets, large plants …)
  • What are the landlord’s responsibilities
  • What are the renter’s responsibilities
  • The agreement has to clearly state the renting agent, their contact info, the address of the property being rented
    • If landlord is residing out of town, the agreement must indicate the name and contact info for the person in charge of the property who residence within the same region of the rented property

Other good information to know:

  • Avoiding rental scams
  • Understanding tenant insurance
  • Understanding tenant rights; rental rules and laws
    • (based on the Province where the property is located/ being rented)

Avoiding Rental Scams

  • If the ad is suspicious on our site please inform us, so we can take action.
  • Be aware of who you’re contacting, and what you’re providing on the site.
  • Some of the postings you see on the Internet might be from scammers trying to get access to your personal information, or ask you to wire funds.
    • When inquiring about a property, DO NOT disclose your PERSONAL INFORMATION.
      • The poster of the ad, would only need your name and contact information to stay in touch with you.
      • ONLY provide personal information, and copy of your IDs upon signing the renal agreement document.
        • DO NOT sign any document or provide personal information, before viewing the property in person
        • DO NOT send copies of your IDs to the poster. The landlord, upon signing of the rental agreement, might request copies of your IDs. Do not provide them otherwise.
    • DO NOT Wire Funds to the poster for any given scenario/ reason. No rental property owner or agent would want to rent a place to you, without first meeting you in person and without you a signed rental agreement. Thus, there should be no need to e-transfer / wire funds to secure a rental space for ANY given reasons.
    • Be aware. If price of the rental is too low, or the property looks to good to be true, then the ad might be posted by scammers. Do further research on such properties.
      • Read the description of the property with more cautions; look up the identity of the poster online (Do they have any online presence? Does their profile make sense? Do they have any posts showing where they work, who they associate with, are there any family photos? What info exists for them online), check to see if the same ad is posted in other cities as well. This might help you in distinguishing a real ad from a fake one.

Understanding tenant insurance

It is wise to have a Tenant Insurance! In most cases, Renter’s Insurance protects your belongings, as well as the liability risks that come with being a tenant of a property. The landlord’s insurance does not cover you. Tenant insurance can be very affordable; and most times it can be customized to suit your need. There is no harm in contacting varies insurance company to see what insurance package they have to offer, and get quotes on the cost of having tenant insurance.

Every insurance company offers different tenant package. Do your research on the reliability of the insurance agency, and pick a plan that works for you. When inquiring about rental insurance be sure to know what does the policy covers, what it does not cover, what is the maximum coverage amount, is there any deductibles for starting a claim, and how does making a claim affects your future payments.

Understanding tenant rights; rental rules and laws (Based on the Province where the property is located/ being rented)

As a tenant, you have the right to live in a safe, secure environment that is managed in accordance with the law. You also have a responsibility to take good care of the property, pay your dues on time, and adhere to the terms of your tenancy agreement.

  • Each province has its own rules and regulation regarding Rights and Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants. Visit your Provincial Government website for details pertaining to the laws pertaining to your rental agreement. If you have any questions contact them for further clarification.

Landlord(s)/ Rental Agent(s)

Thank you for choosing RequestViewing.com for advertising your rental property. Our site will provide you with all that you need regarding your rental transactions. Here, you can find up-to-date information about the Canadian rental market, guidance on how to make your property advertisement, provide suggestions on how to deal with each stage of the transaction, and further useful information.

Why use RequestViewing.com to post your rental property?

  • Ability to advertise, your rental property directly to potential tenants, who are searching our site for a space
  • Most affordable property listing site available to landlords and rental agents. Leaving you, more funds to do other important things


  • Advanced site …
    • User-friendly platform
    • Step- by- step video content on how to make an ad, make a post stands out, how to take your own photos, …
    • Present-day options such as the option to have ad specific, lawn signs with QR code assigned to you which upon scanning will bring the viewer to all your property listings. Each property management personal will have their own listing page via their personal QR code. 
    • Ability to see your ad’s data such as number of viewers, and replies
    • Contact interested parties right on the site. The site will keep track of your conversations, so you have everything you need at your reach
    • Modify or delete the ad at any time
    • Access resources such as legal forms and up-to-date information about rental market
  • Access to list of professional services to help you with your posting. For example if you wish to hire Photographers or Professional cleaners, you can find reliable companies and their contact info right on our website.

Landlord/ Rental Agent(s) Guide

Below you will find step-by step guidance on how to rent your property and other useful information.

Create your post

  • Watch the step-by step video on how to “create your postings”
    • Videos can be found under “resources” tab
  • Clean and stage your property for photos and viewing
    • Search the web for ideas on how to stage your property or watch the short video on our website
      • Videos can be found under “resources” tab
  • Take photos of your property
    • It is best to use the services of a Professional Photographer
    • However, you can save money by doing it yourself. If you are taking the photos, do an online search on best tips for taking property photos. Also watch “How to Take Photos” video under our resources tab
  • Describe your property
    • Describe the highlights of your property, but keep it concise and to the point. Mention things that are unique about your property and
      make your property stand out compare to the other ads. Try to establish your points in 1-2 paragraphs, as viewers will not spend time reading lengthy advertisements.
    • Make sure your listing, clearly states ALL ITEMS (attached or otherwise) that are included
    • Use simple language, when writing the description of your property. Make sure the ad is proof read by someone else, in case some part of the ad requires modification or further clarification.
  • Make sure the photos of the property are uploaded properly to the ad.
  • Double check your contact information to ensure prospective renters can be in contact with you.
  • Be aware of scammers. Only provide your first name, phone number and email address on the ad. Do not provide any other personal information to anyone, in any case.
  • Pricing your property
    • The right price for your rental is the fair price. This will require some research on your part. Know what you’re offering and compare it to other properties for rent. This should help you find a compatible rate.
    • Know the prices for rental properties in your area
    • Account for the condition of your property
    • Location of your property makes a difference
    • Is the demand for vacant properties high or low, at the time you are posting the ad?
    • Count for property taxes that you have to pay
    • Utilities bill that you might be responsible for
    • Does the property offer any amenities?
    • Any maintenance fees that you will pay for?
  • Lawn sign (optional)
    • You will have the option to have colourful lawn signs that are specified to your ad
    • On the contrary, if you wish, you could opt-out of the lawn sign option.

Contact Potential Tenants

  • It is best to communicate back to the interested parties as soon as possible. They are actively looking at various properties to rent; you don’t want to miss out on any opportunity
  • Ask the interested parties qualifying questions prior to showing the property, to ensure they are the right candidate. This will save you time and effort as you could reject parties who do not meet your expectation. For example, ask the interested parties …
    • When are you looking to take position?
    • What is your source of revenue?
    • Any request they might have upon viewing the property (ex: if tenant request to keep pet(s) on the premises)
    • How many people will be renting the place?
    • Duration of the rental they are looking for?


  • Be available to show the property
    • You are in competition with other properties that the potential client is interested in. Sometimes being able to view a location as soon as possible is the deciding factor for the tenant
    • When showing the property, point out the highlights of your property. For instance; being on a quite caldasach is enticing attribute for residential properties ; while for commercial property, road traffic might be more desirable
    • Inform the interested party any requests you might have for them in the future. For example if you require them to share laundry with another unit or if the yard clean-up needs to be performed by the tenants

Rental Agreement

  • Follow through with what you promised
    • Removing, adding, fixing of any article should be done if you promised it
  • Contract
    • Use legal forms to make any agreement binding. Forms are available on our site if you wish to use them. They can be found under “resources” tab.
    • Add any approved modifications or requests to the contract Make sure every page of the contract is initialled and the last page
      is signed and dated by all parties.
    • Make copy of the signed agreement for the tenant(s)and deliver it to them (email, mail, or hand it to them in person)
  • Follow up within the next couple days to make sure everything is working out for the new tenants.

Other good information

  • Tenant rights, landlord rights, rental rules and laws
  • Be hands-on with managing your rental
  • Prepare for worse case scenarios
  • Dodge rental scams

Tenant rights, landlord rights, rental rules and laws

As a landlord/ rental agent you are protected by law and have specific rights. For example, the right to collect rent and the right to raise rent according to your lease agreement. Each province has its own rules and regulation regarding Rights and Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants. Visit your Provincial Government Website to obtain this essential information. If you have any questions contact them for further clarification.

Be hands-on with managing your rental

Be present when the tenants need your attention. By law your property needs to meet the Local Health Agency rules and Building codes. If a faucet needs to be fixed, do so as soon as possible, check fire alarm systems, and carbon monoxide detectors per codes and regulation, …

Make detailed notes about each time the tenants have an inquiry and make detail notes for every time you visit the property. If you ever find yourself in questionable situation with the tenant, or the law, having detailed records of inquiries, incidents, and your follow up actions can help in settling the dispute.

Prepare for worse case scenarios

As a landlord or property agent at times you will deal with difficult tenant or challenging situations. The only advice we can give you is to know your options (follow the laws and regulations in place) and act accordingly. Have plans a head of time for common scenarios that you might encounter. For example, know what you will do if …

  • Tenants do not paying their rent
  • Tenants misuse the property. For example, they sub-lease the property
  • Tenants damage the property
  • Tenants are not getting along

Dodge Rental Scams

  • Only provide your first name, phone number and email address on the ad. Scammers might contact you and try various tactics to obtain your personal information.
    • For example, scammers might contact you and indicate that they are calling from a well know property management company. They might say they have clients looking for rental properties; however, all of their space is fully occupied. They will go on by saying they wish to recommend your place to the interested parties as goodwill or for small fee. In any case, DO NOT provide your personal info or wire funds to any personal. It is a scam!

Hope the information you found on this page has been helpful. RequestViewing.com Team wishes you the best of luck and we hope our site will prove helpful in finding you your next suitable tenant!

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