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Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

Posted on: February 12th, 2023 | Posted By: RequestViewing.com
1. Sort all items by type, such as dry goods, canned goods and baking supplies. 
2. Group items together, such as beans, grains and cereals. 
3. Create a storage system with clear containers to store specific items and to make them easy to find. 
4. Utilize the whole space, including shelves, walls and narrow corners. 
5. Put items that are rarely used up top or in the back, and items that are used more often on the lower and middle shelves. 
6. Use smaller containers and baskets to organize items like packages of spices or bags of nuts. 
7. Use baskets or bins to store small items like utensils. 
8. Label each storage container with the item inside it. 
9. Choose slide-out organizers if you need to maximize your storage space. 
10. Clean and wipe down the pantry shelves and drawers at least once per month.

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